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Edge Gain produce innovative learning for educators, students and school leaders. We specialise in creative technologies and digital learning. We offer training, online learning and educational consultancy. Our mission is to inspire and educate the next generation of digital creatives.

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We train teachers. We are a team of experienced educators specialising in educational technology and digital creativity. We offer bespoke training to meet the needs of your staff and students. We work within a diverse set of educational scenarios: from schools to academy trusts; across all curriculum phases; in teaching, senior leadership, consultancy and training roles. We provide outstanding training to ensure students receive outstanding teaching.

DIGITAL CREATIVITY in education is our passion. We want to see all students able to express themselves using the best digital tools available.

Advise teachers on how to get set up and started with creative technologies.

Ensure your staff & students are confident in using the technology to its full potential.

Provide teacher training solutions for both groups and individuals.

Work with teachers and students to create outstanding lessons, exceptional content, and highly creative, engaging learning.



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Currently we are training more than 4000 teachers worldwide working with clients across the globe. In 2015 we engaged with 24,000 teachers globally.

Massive reach

Live synchronous learning allows us to construct learning for the individual or for massive learning communities.

Teaching Expertise

Our team are highly successful and well respected educationalists from university professors to outstanding classroom teachers.

Creative and bespoke

We create learning communities and online courses that respond to your learning needs.

We produce and maintain the technology to drive all your e-learning needs.

We create the pedagogy to ensure outstanding learning and excellent results.

We work closely with all our clients to deliver the highest quality online learning experience.

Expert Tutors

The learning space exists between live synchronous learning and "synchronous" web based virtual learning. Participants successfully engage with the courses both in real time and in their own time via recordings. Our tutors and guest experts deliver short blocks of learning built around a Bespoke curriculum.

Learning Experience

Our online participatory courses are a tried and tested formula of synchronous and asynchronous online learning. The methodology has been used to teach various design based projects for over five years and the expertise built around the learning experience is second to none. We offer a scalable and highly flexible learning model that can engage participants in a variety of curricula at all levels of ability.

Social Learning

Using a socially constructed model of education, participants work through a series of online workshops and extensions to develop understanding and skills in the safe hands of the specialist tutor. Guest experts and professionals join each live session to endorse and extend the tutor lead class and to underpin the validity of the learning with industry standards and expertise.

Embedded and Extended Learning

Participant interaction happens live during the class creating an engaged learning community in the form of text. Often the Q and A that is developed during these sections of the classes develop consensus and clarity. Participants prove competency by completing offline tasks to ensure learning is embedded and extended.

Our clients


  • Adobe Generation is an impressive contribution to education by a technology company which is based on much thought, research and practice.

    Merlin John, Education blogger, Agent4change
  • This has been a riveting course. So much to learn and in such a fantastic format.

    Participant, 2013
  • Brilliant tools and ideas partnered with great pedagogical advice and thought-provoking content!

    Participant, USA, 2013
  • Highly informative, easy to understand and follow along with, provided me with fantastic ideas to use and utilise in my profession

    Participant, 2014
  • The flexibility of the course was just what I needed. I could not attend live classes because I finished university late on Wednesdays, but it was good to be able to watch the live sessions when I got home.

    Student, 2013
  • A really great mix of practical tasks and underpinning knowledge and tools.

    Participant, 2015
  • The format was fantastic! The right amount of lessons and projects. All set over a good time period.

    Student, 2015
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the entire course. How often does that happen?

    Student, 2015

Meet the


We are an international team of educational technologists, teachers and expert online tutors. We are based in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia.

Ross Wallace

Ross Wallis


Ross Wallis is head of Creative Arts at an international school in Somerset, UK. He became fascinated in the potential of digital technology from the mid 80's and has pursued this interest though it’s rapid and remarkable development. He is in regular demand to share his experience and expertise at conferences, seminars, and training sessions.

Roxana Hadad

Roxana Hadad

Lead Tutor

Roxana Hadad is a researcher for the Center for College Access and Success at Northeastern Illinois University and Exploring Computer Science at the University of Los Angeles. Her work explores how to structure makerspace environments and experiences to develop computational thinking skills. She is based in Los Angeles, California.

Phil Badham

Phil Badham

Educational Consultant

Phil Badham is an experienced educational consultant and trainer, with a specialism in technology-enhanced learning and educational technologies for all sectors of Education.


Colin Maxwell

Mark Shufflebottom

Mark Shufflebottom

Lead Tutor
Shaloni Naik

Shaloni Naik

Ashley Wilkie

Ashley Wilkie


Ashley is a student, freelance artist, designer and creative enthusiast. His desire to produce new and exciting ideas with art and technology have driven him to work at the edge of his creative knowledge, often producing dazzling experiences.

Kelly Kermode

Tom Macildowie

Educational Consultant (UK)

Tom MacIldowie is a qualified teacher with over 14 years teaching and school leadership experience. Tom is passionate about supporting educators in their use of technology.

Greg Hodgson

Greg Hodgson

Founder Director

Greg has more than 20 years of teaching and educational leadership experience. He is fascinated by all things digital and is the founder of Edge Gain.

Ashley Wilkie

Matthijs Clasener


Matthijs is a teacher & trainer in the field of Motion Design. With over 14 years of experience in education he’s an allrounder in the area of design, interaction and the moving image. As a course coordinator he is well aware of what is going on in the industry and keeps his courses up to date. He is an Adobe Education Leader.

We offer a highly flexible and engaging method of learning/training. Accessible from laptop and mobile. Edge Gain has developed a hybrid between virtual learning and live delivery, utilising the best of existing pedagogy with the limitless possibilities of the internet.



Mobile: +44 7931 607128

Office: (00 44 for UK) 01442 823308


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